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STP Packaging was established in 1984 and since then we have grown and expanded into an all-encompassing packaging company that caters its products, machinery and services to a wide range of industries throughout Ireland and abroad.

Our success has been a result of our sincere passion for creating real and tangible value, which is reflected in the products and services we are continuing to add to our repertoire.

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Our knowledge and experience in the packaging industry helps to maximise the potential cost reductions to our customers business operations.

We offer a free on-site consultation to all new customers to evaluate their current packaging products and machinery. Based on these findings we will provide you with a full report to help reduce your packaging costs and increase production efficiency.

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STP Eco Wrap

A revolutionary new protective packaging material, designed to replace plastic based products such as Bubble Wrap.

  • 100% recyclable and compostable material
  • Simple, quick to use and you don’t need a cutting tool to cut it, as it is easy tear and strong enough to hold your product at the same time.
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