Custom Printed Packaging Tape

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If you are looking for a cost effective, simple way to promote your products or services than printed packaging tape is for you. Custom printed tape is one of the key parts of our business and it is one we are passionate about. This year we invested in a state

Retail Bags for Every Use!

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As you already know, we are the packaging experts (not to brag or anything!). We supply everything from packaging machinery to tapes to safety knives to bubble wrap. Oh and we also offer expert machinery servicing with our very own engineers. But we are so much more than all of

Wood Working. Personalising Old Pallets.

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As you all know, we are firm believers in doing our bit for the environment, so when we stumbled across this website called Pallet Designs, we were more than impressed. At STP we deal with hundreds of pallets on a daily basis along with thousands of other companies worldwide no

STP FREEBIE: 2016 Wall Planners

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What, it's 2016??? Wasn't last summer only 3 minutes ago?? If you are as baffled by how quickly the months fly be as we are, you may like our latest STP FREEBIE: The 2016 Wall Planner!! Yours to download, print and use to get the most out of this year! STP 2016 Year

New Bags

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With the ability to print full colour images, illustrations and text, printed bags are one of the most valuable marketing tools a business can have.   [twocol_one] Why use Custom Printed Bags? For any business who are aiming to continuously promote their product or service, Custom Printed Bags should always

New tapes

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STP’s in-house custom printed tapes & Labels service offers excellent print quality, fast turnaround and great value.   [twocol_one] Why use Custom Printed Tapes or Labels? Southern Tapes and Packaging was originally established in 1984 to 'Print & Supply' self-adhesive tapes to the lcal industry. With STP having it's roots

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