As you already know, we are the packaging experts (not to brag or anything!). We supply everything from packaging machinery to tapes to safety knives to bubble wrap. Oh and we also offer expert machinery servicing with our very own engineers. But we are so much more than all of that!

We also offer a huge supply of retail bags for all your packaging needs. Here’s a run-down of our multi-use retail bags;

Crimp Bags

Crimp Bags; Back lap, bottom crimp seal bags. Crimp bags have a whole variety of applications from packaging salad or fresh vegetables in the supermarket, to all types of confectionery, pot pourri, pet foods etc. These are manufactured in food grade material, making them perfect for pretty much any food product, as well as non food products. See more here.

Titan Bag


Titan Bags; Of the crimp bag variety, the base seal is folded over and taped. This style of bag has a back overlap seal and a crimp seal across the bottom which is folded over and a length of tape is applied for added strength. The tape application also creates a type of block bottom base to ‘stand up’ better than a normal crimp bag. Great for packing all types of edibles! Get them here.

Snack Packs

Snack Packs; Does exactly what it says on the tin – all-in-one packaging kits for food such as sandwiches and wraps. You can order them here.

Doypack Pouch Bags

Doypack Pouch Bags; These guys can be ordered plain or printed and also with or without our re-sealable tape for ease of wrapping your product. We manufacture sheets in various materials including polypropylene and cellophane. Great for craft-style products as well as food too! Find them here.

Crystal Bag

Cone Bag

Cone and Crystal Bags; Our conical shaped bags are a unique style of plastic bag perfect for a variety of uses, particularly food products. For more info click here. Crystal bags are side-sealed with a 5mm crimp weld and bottom folded. Available with or without a bottom gusset, check them out here.

Packing Bag, light duty

Packing Bags; These bags come in light, medium and heavy duty for multiple uses. They’re most suitable for use with food and are of food grade quality. Oh and of course all such polythene bags are recyclable with other polythene materials! Take a look here

Block bottom bag, cross bottom type

Block bottom Bags; Cross Bottom Bags are made from polypropylene and open out at the bottom easily to fill your product. The rectangular base enables them to stand up nicely on their own. Cross bottom bags are available with or without a silver cardboard base and are ideal for sweets, cakes and all types of confectionary. They can also be used for non-food products such as cosmetic items and potpourri. They can be heat sealed at the top or simply tied up with ribbon, string or lace – take a further look here

Manufactured with side gussets and a rectangular base, square opening sachet bags are another style of block bottom bag that we can offer – get them here.

Medium polythene bag

Clear Polythene Bags; Used as protection for art and furniture in storage, food packaging, box liners, packing goods in transit, stocking nuts, bolts and electronic parts, retail display, sale of goods in craft and pet shops…. and even the bag for your local fair goldfish! Get them here.

Oh and did you know we offer next-day-delivery on 100’s of items? You can check out our full retail bag catalogue right here!