What Lies Beneath

Cork is known for the being ‘The City of Festivals,’ as now, almost every month of the year presents it’s own significant festival/community celebration in Cork. And with all the spooky happenings and odd goings-on that the month of October likes to bring, one Cork festival is increasingly becomming the family favourite to celebrate the ancient tradition of Samhain and all that lurks in the underworld.

dos2The Dragon of Shandon began in 2006 as a street parade and since it’s establishment the parade has proudly evolved into a three-day community celebration with local groups, organisations, and individuals working alongside artists, event managers, venues and technicians to provide a diverse range of activities, performances and workshops.

36 Feet of Dragon!

And as always, the central focus and centrepiece of this annual community project is the spectacular, 36ft, giant dragon puppet made entirely of tape and animated by twelve puppeteers who walk it through the streets of Shandon. It is an incredible sight to behold, and at STP we are so proud to help sponsor this initiative by supplying the tape that is used to create this awe-inspiring piece of art.


The tape used to create the Dragon of Shandon is a HOT MELT TAPE, which is a solvent-free adhesive that offer superior tensile strength, adhesion properties, and a reliable seal.

It’s without doubt, the most creative use of our products that we have encountered so far!!



Well done to everybody involved in this fantastic project that STP are extremely proud to be a part of. We know that it is an event that will go from strength to strength.

To read more about this spectacular event visit www.dragonofshandon.com

The Dragon of Shandon Samhain Parade is a project from Cork Community Art Link

Bye for now.