STP proudly supplies Ireland’s largest range of FULLY COMPOSTABLE foodservice packaging

Will sustainable packaging soon become the rule rather than the exception? We certainly think so! In 2009 STP established Down2Earth Materials – a department within the company that would specialize in Fully compostable Foodservice packaging. Our goal is to become the trusted source for sustainable packaging in Ireland. Since it’s establishment the Down2Earth team has been fully committed to providing Irish food and catering businesses with a fully compostable product range compliant with EN13432 (European Standard), ASTM D6400 (American Standard), and a desire to make environmentally sustainable packaging practical and economic.

Our Sustainable Partnership

Our partners in sustainable packaging, Vegware, have allowed us to develop and produce a unique offering of products exclusive to Down2Earth. We will continue to develop this relationship and bring many new products to the market in the future. Our continued investment in this area has allowed us to compete with non-compostable products made from conventional plastics.

Our Compostable Packaging Range

All of our certified compostable products can be disposed of along with food waste, and will quickly break down into soil, typically 9–12 weeks under the correct temperatures. This soil helps to grow the new plants that our products are made from. This gives a win-win situation: less pressure on landfill, and the process of composting captures the nutrients and embodied energy. Unlike plastic packaging, our products are not a waste, but a resource!