Times are changing. Sustainability and environmental awareness are paramount in today’s society and marketplace, increasing the importance of recycling and waste reduction.

The advancements made in sustainable food packaging in the last 10 years has been incredible, with Irish companies like Down2Earth Materials leading the change.


We felt that the industrial packaging sector is lacking in these sustainable options, so we have been working hard to source and supply more sustainable options to your traditional packaging.


As Ireland’s leading supplier of printed packaging tape, having the first certified compostable self-adhesive tape is something we have been working on for quite some time.

We wanted to wait until we had a product we could stand over and one that had all the relevant industry certifications.

Introducing our new Bio Tape.


It is made from 90% renewable materials and is bio based, meaning that it not made from fossil resources. It has a natural rubber adhesive that is made predominantly from renewable resources.

It is EN13432 certified. Meaning it meets the industrial composting regulations in Ireland and the EU. This means that when commercially composted it will break down into nutrient rich soil in under 90 days, turning your waste into a resource.

Other certifications include ASTM D 6400-04, AS 4736 (2006) and ISO 17088 (2012).

It is strong and robust, has excellent immediate tack and adhesion on various surfaces, has low elongation and is easy to tear by hand.

Temperature resistant: from -30°C to +70°C short term (after application at room temperature)



It can be used as an eco-friendly alternative to your existing taping and sealing operations.

Use it for sealing biodegradable bags and films and other sustainable packaging types, permanent closure of medium heavy to heavy cardboard boxes and is suitable for manual application in various hand- and table dispensers as well as in automated packaging machines.

Furthermore we have a range of other eco-friendly packaging tapes to choose from, like our custom printed paper tape, Sealmore Kraft hot melt tape, Sealmore water activated tape or our Sealmore masking tapes.

Talk to one of our STP Go Green team today and they can provide you with a free consultation on ways to make your packaging solutions more sustainable.