The beginning of June marks the start to the summer season, and is a time when 1000’s of people head to Cork to run like mad things around the city for the day. A bit like christmas, only less carol singers. I’m talking, of course about the Cork City Marathon.

The 2016 Cork city Marathon will take place on Monday June 6th, starting at 9am

At Southern Tapes & Packaging we are delighted to be helping this year’s Cork City Marathon be as eco friendly as possible by sponsoring the event with clear recycling sacks so that the many many MANY water bottles can be disposed of properly for recycling.



waterbottlesAll water stations for the event will be stocked with 250ml sports-cap bottles, and will be stationed every 2 – 3 miles. And while we are aware that saving the planet may one of the last things on the mind of a marathon runner mid-race, we would kindly ask all runners to drop used bottles close to a water station where the hard working volunteers can retrieve them.

Please do not throw used bottles into hedges, fields, gardens and especially not into the river.

Lets keep it clean, like!

Best of luck to everyone taking part in this year’s event!
To find out lots more information about the Cork City Marathon, just visit the Cork City Marathon Website

Bye for now,