Oscillated Steel Strapping

Oscillate Wound Steel Strapping

Premium quality black coated mill wound steel strapping


  • High coil capacity for reduced downtime
  • Strap width 13mm/16mm/ 19mm
  • Strap thickness 0.6mm
  • Strap length 560mtr
  • Coil weight 50.0kg

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Product Description

Uses & Benefits

  • Steel strapping is used for heavy duty holding where high strength and minimal stretch are desired.
  • Exceptionally strong and durable.
  • Common applications include steel coils, bundles of metal, baling wire, bricks and pavers, and roll end-binding.
  • Black painted finish for added rust protection.

Product Specifications

  • Strapping Type: Oscillated Wound Steel Strapping
  • Color: Black / Zinc
  • Sizes: Size options available
  • Pack Size: 50kgs per roll

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