Robopac Genesis HS 50

Robopac Genesis HS 50

Product Code: Genesis HS 50


  • The Genesis HS 50 is ideal for an output capacity up to 90 loads/h depending on line speed and the total number of revolutions of film required.
  • Ensures best film economy for all loads
  • Ensures best film economy for all films
  • Ensures highest containment level attainable for all films
  • Delivers 30% to 55% film savings
  • Delivers the optimal containment force at each level
  • Enables the delivery of the highest pre-stretch at all levels
  • Scientific approach to ultimate load containment
  • Place film precisely where it has the most impact on load containment
  • Reduces product damage on corners
  • Improves containment on flat sides of loads
  • Enables higher containment levels on each revolution

Product Description

The Genesis HS 50 is an automatic stretch wrapping machine with rotating ring to wrap pallet loads with stretch film designed for use in industry sectors that require high production capacities.

The main feature of Genesis HS series stretch wrapping machines is unique system which, during ring rotation, produces its own power to drive film pre stretch rollers. This technical and internationally patented solution can operate without sliding electrical contacts, minimising maintenance costs since the problems of contact wear and sparks are fully eliminated, and can be used in dusty and humid environments.

Since wrapping is performed on a static pallet, maximum ring rotation speed can be used without the risk of any part of load being dislodged even with lightweight and unstable products.

Thanks to the cantilever design of the support structure, Genesis HS pallet stretch wrapping machines can be easily installed into existing pallet conveyor lines.

Technical Specifications

Pallet Dimensions   1000mm x 1300 mm
Ring Speed   50 rpm
Max Output Capacity   90 pallet/h
Standard Power Supply   400/50 V/Hz
Power Installed   11,0 Kw
Air Pressure   6±1Bar
Air Consumption   250 Nl/min


STD Min Pallet Dimensions    600 x 800mm
STD Max Pallet Dimensions    1000 x 1300mm
STD Pallet Height    2000mm

Interested in finding out more about this machine?

If you would like to find out more about this machine please contact the STP office through our Product Enquiry Form. One of our machinery specialists will be happy to deal with your questions or queries.

Southern Tapes & Packaging are proud to be the official suppliers of Robopac’s stretch wrapping machinery in Ireland. We supply a wide range of stretch wrapping equipment to businesses around Ireland, which is followed up by a support service that we feel is second-to-none.

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The Genesis HS 50 is ideal for an output capacity up to 90 loads/h depending on line speed and the total number of revolutions of film required.

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