Robopac Helix HS 4

Robopac Helix HS 4

Product Code: Helix HS 4


  • Helix HS 4 is ideal for an output capacity up to 80 loads/h depending on line speed, top cover, and the total number of revolutions of film required.
  • Reduces film cost by 30% to 55%
  • Improves load containment
  • Reduces product damage by 40%
  • Multi-level variable pre-stretch
  • Multi-level variable containment force
  • Strategic film placement
  • Pro Active corner compensation
  • Single motor on board
  • Fixed pre-stretch up to 300%
  • Optional kits for different pre-stretch ratios
  • Up to 12 containment force values on the same load
  • Containment force/corner compensation: load cell
  • Can be equipped with reels h. 500 mm – 20” (STD) or h. 750 mm. – 30” (OPT) or JUMBO with Ø 380 mm

Product Description

Fully automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine with rotating arm for stretch wrapping palletized loads with polyethylene stretch film where high production outputs are required or load which require an above average amount of film to contain them effectively.

Thanks to the rotating arm technology, the stretch wrapping process is performed on a static pallet thus eliminating any risk of products falling from the load during the wrapping process regardless of the arm rotation speed. Every pallet stretch wrapper from Robopac can be fitted with a power pre stretch film delivery system which reduces film usage by up to 50% compared with hand wrapping and substantially increases load stability and presentation. Pre stretch ratio adjustable by changing gears or from the control panel.

Helix machines represent the ideal solution for wrapping light, easily deformable, unstable loads and are present in most market segment fields. Due to the versatile construction of the rotary arm design the Helix range of stretch wrapping machines can be configured to wrap an outstanding range of products both larger and smaller than the standard pallet format.

Technical Specifications

Pallet Dimensions   47 x 47 inches
Arm Speed   36 Rpm
Max Output Capacity   70 Pallet/h
STD Power Supply   400/50V/Hz
Power Installed   6,5kw
Air Pressure   6±1Bar
Air Consumption   350 NI/min


STD Min Pallet Dimensions    24 x 31 inches
STD Max Pallet Dimensions    47 x 47 inches
STD Pallet Height    79 inches

Interested in finding out more about this machine?

If you would like to find out more about this machine please contact the STP office through our Product Enquiry Form. One of our machinery specialists will be happy to deal with your questions or queries.

Southern Tapes & Packaging are proud to be the official suppliers of Robopac’s stretch wrapping machinery in Ireland. We supply a wide range of stretch wrapping equipment to businesses around Ireland, which is followed up by a support service that we feel is second-to-none.

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Helix HS 40 is ideal for an output capacity up to 80 loads/h depending on line speed, top cover, and the total number of revolutions of film required.

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