ROM Fusion Automatic Strapping Machine

ROM Fusion Automatic Strapping Machine

Product Code: ROM Fusion


  • Wear-free DC brushless direct drive technology with simplified mechanics enhances system reliability
  •  Automatic strap loop ejection if cycled without a package to prevent machine jamming
  • Easy strap coil change and threading system
  • Wear-free, precision strap track system
  •  External easily adjustable strap tension via potentiometer from 0-50 lbs. including special “soft” tension mode for delicate bundles
  • Hinged/removable front stainless steel table top improves interior access
  • Sturdy foot pedal for cycle start or optional photo-eye
  • Small machine footprint; fits into tight spaces
  • Available in three track sizes

Product Description


The automatic strapping machines of the RO-M series have been standing the test of time across the world. They are solid, reliable and easy to operate. In the latest generation RO-M Fusion, modern technology meets tradition. The tried and tested high-end standard 3 sealing unit sets new standards for automatic strapping machines at entry level. The compact machines are ideal for strapping smaller parcels and stacks. Their small footprint means they can be used in the smallest of spaces. If needed, the RO-M Fusion can be fed simultaneously at the front and rear thanks to its pivoted operation panel and its high output of 55 strapping cycles per minute. This avoids idle times for operators.

The RO-M Fusion is ideal for a wide range of applications including:

Printing: For wholesalers who need to strap different products reliably within short time frames.

Cardboard packages: For quick strapping of many packages within short time frames.

Distribution/Mail: At distribution centres where high-quality work within minutes is in high demand.

Features & Benefits

  • Thermostatically controlled heat-weld sealing
  • Wear-free DC drive, brushless motor technology
  • Strap end detection with ejection of remaining strap
  • Easy strap coil change and threading system
  • Toggle switch for super soft strapping of individual or very soft packages
  • Wear-free, controlled strap track system
  • Adjustable strap tension via potentiometer
  • Energy-saving drives
  • Electronic control
  • Hinged front table top
  • Sturdy foot pedal for cycle start
  • 4 castors of which 2 are lockable
  • Structural coating in RAL 5010, gentian blue
  • Table top length 600mm or alternatively 800mm

Technical Specifications

  • With 5mm straps up to 55 cycles per minute
  • Sealing unit standard 3 aggregate
  • Noise emission 78dB (A) – noise measured per DIN 45 635 part 27
  • Strap coil dispenser diameter 200mm
  • Strap coil dispenser width 190mm
  • Strap tension 2.5N “soft” – 250 N (adjustable)
  • Height adjustment 800 – 905mm
  • Machine weight 600x500mm about 180kg
  • Machine weight 800x600mm about 200kg

Interested in finding out more about this machine?

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