STP Eco Wrap

STP Eco Wrap

STP Eco Wrap is a protective packaging material designed to replace plastic based products such as Bubble Wrap.

100% natural paper making it fully recyclable and compostable protective material.
The unique honeycomb design keeps the product in place making the transportation safer.


  • Padding: Putting an end to damaging as the hexagonal cells makes mesh web that sticks to a product efficiently.
  • Multi-purpose Paper: The design basically cuts the need of using any other void fill material. Making this product very well able to take place of everything you need, so you save time and money.
  • Eco-friendly: It’s just a specially cut paper, the most reusable, compostable and recyclable material on the planet. Something even your customer would be proud to see being used.
  • Quick and Easy: Simple, quick to use and you don’t need a cutting tool to cut it, as it is easy tear and strong enough to hold your product at the same time.
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Product Description

The STP Eco Wrap dispenser made of metal holds the STP Eco Wrap roll securely and guarantees a practical unwinding and wrapping of your products.
STP Eco Wrap is the environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap.


15 kg
Roll Width 395mm
Roll Length (unstretched)
250 metres
Roll Length (stretched)
390 metres
Colour Brown/White




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