Tamper Evident Tape

Tamper Evident Tape

Packaging tape that exposes when the seal has been disturbed.


  • Highly visible red tape and backing
  • Disturbed tape delaminates to leave an OPEN VOID message on the carton
  • Aggressive adhesive on message film prevents removal without clear evidence
  • Tape width 48mm
  • Tape length 50mtr

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Product Description

Uses & Benefits

Fast identification of product contamination for the food, pharma, manufacturing and logistics industries.

Visible Deterrent

  • Acts as an obvious, visual deterrent to potential pilferage and contamination during transit or storage.

Easily Identifiable

  • Its high visiblity design ensures that any potential pilferage and contamination can be easily and quickly identified.

Huge Range of Applications

  • From the pharma, manufacturing, food processing and supply industries to logistics and packaging, these tamper evident tapes proved a cost effective first line of defence for your products while in storage or transit.

Product Specifications

  • Colours: Blue / Red
  • Purchase Size: 48mm x 50m


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