Now that January’s over, so are many people’s fitness resolutions. All those gym membership cards are gathering dust in our wallets and the healthy eating plans are being replaced with the takeaway menu. Luckily, we have HP Nutrition to keep us on the straight and narrow. Their online store is jam-packed with everything you might need for pre-gym or post-gym sustenance, or for some all-round healthy snack options. They’ve become Ireland’s leading performance and health website.

Bulk-buy Your Vitamins!

But of course it’s not all fitness products they offer, there are health conscious options too, with a huge range of vitamins you can buy in bulk. They offer specified supplements and vitamins for focused areas like immune support and joint support. And they also sell bulk multi-vitamins, for more everyday general use. Their one-a-day vitamins are great for that daily boost and contain essential minerals to work well together when entering your system. There’s 12 vitamins in total in the blend, with a range of beneficial B vitamins and 11 minerals. Best of all? If you order before three pm you’ve got next day delivery. Now that’s efficient!

Social Media Discounts

With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, there’s plenty ways you can keep up to date with all their latest offers and product updates. If you’re confused as to what protein might work best for you, or what post-gym snack suits your fitness needs – the guys can advise you what options are best.

With weekly offers and bulk-buy deals, there’s plenty bargains to be found week-by-week. So getting your fitness resolution back on track won’t break the bank, with the help of HP Nutrition. Their website showcases their comprehensive catalogue which you can check out here. Happy shopping!