image 1As you all know, we are firm believers in doing our bit for the environment, so when we stumbled across this website called Pallet Designs, we were more than impressed.

At STP we deal with hundreds of pallets on a daily basis along with thousands of other companies worldwide no doubt. We are always looking at ways to recycle what we can from our warehouse so when we saw what Pallet Designs had created from used pallets we felt we had to share it with you.

Their website demonstrates several ways to reuse pallets but some of our favourite were definitely in the Pallet Garden section.

image 2


The idea of turning a pallet into a mini wheelbarrow may seem impossible to some but not for this creative eco warrior! We love the idea of using it as a flower pot.

image 3




Next is the vegetable patch with the vibrant colours that we couldn’t get enough of. Very simple idea but makes the whole garden really stand out.


And finally we had to share the swing! Who could resist lounging in this after a tough day at the office?

image 4

We were feeling inspired after seeing what a few pallets, a hammer and a bit of imagination could do so we decided to design our own stand for our sister company Down2Earth Materials. We now use this for all of our exhibitions and we love it!  image 5

Till next time,